Kimberly Fitten


"When people know their relevance to this world they become unstoppable! "

Kimberly Fitten

Author. Educator. Visionary. World Changer.

“I know what the bottom looks like, and I can tell you I am certain that you can speak the life you want into existence. I use to live in my car-wash-up in restaurant restrooms! Life can be amazing when you decide to say “yes” to your purpose! When people know their relevance to this world, they truly become unstoppable!”

~Kimberly Fitten

Kimberly is dedicated to helping people become the absolute best versions of themselves. She is called to introduce Millennials and Zillennials to a limitless life through contagious success.  Empowered by her desire to see more miracles and true revival, Kimberly uses the biblical study to illuminate pathways to abundance. She holds a BA in secondary education (Iowa Wesleyan College), a Masters in administration and evaluation (University of Northern Iowa), and has embarked on the final stages of earning her PhD.

Kimberly Fitten is a published author, blogger, Educator, motivational speaker, professional coach, Lead Educator and founder of LOGIC Kingdom Education, and school administrator at Liberty High School.


The Science of Greatness: Taking the Guesswork out of Purpose (2017).

Decree (2018)

Kimberly’s strategies helped me go from classroom teacher to high school administrator in less than 30 days.
— Matthew Jenkins, High School Associate Principal



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